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The Dollyrots

by The Dollyrots

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James Linton
James Linton thumbnail
James Linton This album beautifully exhibits the simplicity and pure joy of homemade pop and Rock and Roll. Favorite track: Twist Me to the Left.
Rog thumbnail
Rog My kinda shit ... more please!
Jean-Jacques Alain
Jean-Jacques Alain thumbnail
Jean-Jacques Alain The joy of this album is that it doesn't pretend to be anything other than what it is... pure unadulterated bubblegum teen pop. Add to that the Dollyrots funded this excellently produced album through fan donations, kudos to them, and me for now owning a copy! Favorite track: Hyperactive.
Tom thumbnail
Tom There is so much to love about this album from the catchy single Twist Me to the Left to my favorite track on the record, the ukulele based South of the Border. The Dollyrots first crowd funded effort shines with creativity and inspiration. The future of DIY music is bright and Luis and Kelly are leading the way. Favorite track: South of the Border.
Eric Siegel
Eric Siegel thumbnail
Eric Siegel Full of catchy, awesome songs! Everyone needs to get this album! Favorite track: South of the Border.
wrobbiescott thumbnail
wrobbiescott reminding us why youth rules/sux Favorite track: Hyperactive.
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Please don’t raise any suspicion You’ll jeopardize the mission We might as well go home Step way back into the darkness Behind the glowing spotlights And now we’re on our own And you keep Standing on your ground And I’ll keep Us from falling down No apologies No economy We are scavenging Making enemies The buildings fall Emergency calls Doesn’t matter Start it over again
I Wanna Go 03:11
Trapped in a box and I'm feelin' lonely Day's really long and the clock moves slowly Give me a break I'm not getting any All for the sake of a pretty penny Who's waiting for me Who's waiting for us I wanna go Somewhere that isn't here I wanna go You coming with me dear I wanna go Let's drop it into gear I wanna go Just get me outta here Gave me that look that says yeah I'm ready Check for the exits pulse unsteady Saving myself from the life suck monster What doesn't kill you makes you stronger Down in the front hands up in the back Hands up in the front and don't you come back Down in the front hands up in the back Hands up in the front and don't you come back
Hyperactive 02:33
I’m so moody and they’re so moody and We’re unstable and so unable to Calm our bodies or keep shut quiet Hormones raging no time for waiting I’ll feel it in the morning I totally deserve it We are we are We are we are Like animals We’re wild Magnetic attractive kinetic hyperactive So Lesley’s shaking and Kind of making out With the townie that’s at the party I’m just dizzy and kind of horny it’s Way too early so just take warning Make it the most Explode Better bring it close Implode Take off your clothes Explode It’s our duty to shake our booties and Be fantastic but kind of tragic Life’s a movie it’s not our choosing I’m Self-inflicted but still your victim All we’re living for is to die So let’s enjoy the ride
Satellite 03:17
The flowers falling from your hair They left a trail behind you With just one look with just that stare I’m paralyzed a statue So please just stay Don’t go away or make it hard to find you Needle come back from the haystack And draw my blood to write you Breathe it in Don't look back and just begin and Breathe it in The past is passed it's been turned in On a Tuesday In October Can I waste your time with a cheesy line It was cloudy You were moody Not a star in site so we wished on a satellite And though I know we haven’t spoken yet I’m sure you’re witty Just sneak me out through my window And take me to the city We’ll drive the streets Our song repeats As time flashes by too fast On our way home we’ll find a park And roll around in the grass Chaotic burning sparkling attracting falling dissolving 10 9 8 0
Wake up with my makeup on Clothes still from the night before Saw the sun come up again Chicago maybe Baltimore Only chick upon this ship but Brothers make it less homesick Showtime comes so here we go Take a shot head to the door Here comes your moment Own it Shimmy fizzy jump up and down Shimmy fizzy hop all around Pop me off like a bottle cap Twist me to the left You gotta twist me Twist me to the left See those faces look at me Shining in the sea of black Radiating energy I’ll turn it up and throw it back For you I’ll give my everything I’ll bleed and sweat and kill my brain We’ll fight the common enemy Cause you and me we’re all the same Here comes your moment, come on now Lose our minds Like it’s 1965 Pop me off like a bottle cap Twist me to the left You gotta twist it for me Go on and do it baby After the show we’ll swap some love Have a few and then some more Until it’s time for us to shove Off into the night unsure Of where or what tomorrow brings All I know is that I’ll sing Wake up and do it again
Never growing a day older on your shoulder lie my head Stare into the sky I wonder are we alive or are we dead Frozen we’re suspended and the World is black and white We’re the only one’s in color just like moths drawn to the light Now we're alone and there’s only two Me and you You and me Searching for some things that we’ll never find Never find Never see Collide with me Two turning into one We will save time in a bottle Seal it up and time will stop For us Not one minute but this one wrapped up in arms of glowing light Snap a picture for our lockets that will keep us safe and tight Pretend it’s the future 50 something years ahead We will run into the ocean as the sun sets hand in hand Not one minute but this one Floating and weaving and Bobbing and turning A train to nowhere that takes us to somewhere Turn Back I’m right there Sticking so tightly Right where you found me
Instead of just calling ahead You should be calling and making amends So should I be playing nice Or should you be ready to say you’re sorry twice Haven’t you heard a word I’ve said Thinkin’ that that I’m givin’ you a green not red cos It’s so wrong it’s right Nothing’s ever gonna change my mind So come on and try Do you really wanna lose a fight You shouldn’t be in my neighborhood (Got in trouble) I should’ve known you’d be up to no good (Burst my bubble) So where does it go from here Leaving lipstick on your mirror Your sweat tastes like my tears, my tears Whatchoo gonna do (Cat got your tongue) Whatchoo gonna say (Oh how this web is spun) How’s this gonna be (Cat got your tongue) Do you really wanna play (You’re not the only one) What the Hell was that Don’t give me no crap
F U Famous 03:03
Backstage at the Troubadour Got my bass on ready to go And I don’t care if there are celebrities at the show Motivation exploitation empty to the very core You’re a porn star rock star 6 of one 1/2 dozen of the other I’m not trying to be famous F-U-F-A-M-O-U-S I’m not trying to be famous Not my style Cause it makes me sick I’m sorry if I’m not impressed with glitz and glitter Some tabloid Hollywood disaster VIP’s red carpets just everything about it I want something more Not trying to be famous Don't give me a vacant future I got things I wanna say Don’t care if you like it hate it To me it’s just the same Superficial when you’d kill for pretty things you can’t afford You’re a monster under Makeup and designer clothes Sounds like a nightmare Why would you want that You’re outta your gourd man No ‘effing way I’m sorry if not impressed with glitz and glitter You burnout Hollywood disaster Chewed up by the system Another fashion victim We want something more
She's got a face that rivals Marilyn Monroe With the lips begging for kissing oozing perfection from her pores She'd win Miss USA With the legs that go for miles like an interstate Manicured nails Breath is minty Never eats right But she's skinny If she swallows her make-up Will it make her pretty on the inside If I follow her equation Will I just be pretty on the outside Come on Her hair is super silky and it shines Wakes up perfect isn't frizzy and she doesn't need a flat iron Curves like an hourglass With teeth so f'in bright they'll give you whiplash Long eyelashes Skin is sun-kissed Never catch her With a blemish Who do you see Mirrors can lie so don't believe that reflection Is it plastic or genetic Just too perfect I don't get it
Wish I was south of the border I really wish I was south of the border With my head down In the city Dirty sidewalks Nitty gritty Do I really wanna play this game Racing like a rat around a maze With the red lights Skies are smoggy All the headlights sitting idly And you know I’m not a hurricane But I could blow it away just the same so Take me take me away now Cause I wanna be South of the border Cause all the girls will dance along with me And then we’ll all go surfing in the sea Green iguanas In the palm trees Stick my straw in Coconut drinks Not a worry running through my brain Watching waves wash away my footprints Hear the night life Insects buzzing And I’m buzzing warm and fuzzy Fling my clothes off dancing in the rain Now I’m never gonna be the same Never going home gonna smash my stupid phone All I need is sun and a hottie on my arm Skinny dipping at night underneath the moonlight I’m on the first flight leaving in the morning Is that you Mary Jane I’m just waiting for a hurricane Pick me up and carry me away
After 2012 02:54
When the buildings fall to water The hills are all on fire The zombies rising up You’ll be with me and remember 21 of December An asteroid shot by And you know I’ll never let you leave me And I know this might sound kinda crazy You and I won’t end in 2012 We will hide inside our bunker Machines have taken over And melted down our guns Please just tell me Mr. Martian Why satellites keep falling No calling 911 So confused This thing I just can’t undo On Earth or wherever I’ll find you Be with me be with me won’t you Existing unending Unwilling to give in Unwilling to give up in 2012
Picking up after it's over Shrapnel confetti soldiers We've given all we’ve got Sleep walking or awaking Dazed confused forsaken Not givin' nothing up And you a figment of my mind And we've got nothing left to hide No apologies no economy We are scavenging making enemies The buildings fall emergency calls Doesn't matter starting over again Had sickness needed curing Beating down and pouring Through windows breaking up Did we lose or were we heroes Last chance for all the weirdos One revolution round And you kept standing on your ground As I kept us from falling down I held on and held my breath and I fought back and got arrested I held on I held on Smoke is blocking the sun from shining and We are scavenging making enemies The buildings fall Martial law Doesn’t matter starting over again
I’ve got the new style, uh huh And I’m walking right down your street I’m on your speed dial, you know The one everyone wants to meet I always tell you how great you dress It’s cause I’m fashionably socialized You’re smarter, better, no, the best Just look at me I’m a leader, I’m a winner, And I’m cleaner Cause I’m awesome I don’t need you cause I’m neato and I beat you Cause I’m awesome That’s right They say I’m gifted, uh huh Well I’m a certified prodigy I’m gonna own you, uh huh I’m gonna bring you to your knees I always tell you how smart you are It’s cause my brain is really supersized You’re an academic superstar Just look at me I’m a leader, I’m a winner, And I’m cleaner Cause I’m awesome I don’t need you cause I’m neato and I beat you Cause I’m awesome That’s right Got a career plan, uh huh Gonna make lots of money And bought a self tan, uh huh Don’t I look healthy? I always tell you how great you smell It’s cause I’m naturally deodorized You’re stronger, faster and can spell Just look at me I’m a leader, I’m a winner, And I’m cleaner Cause I’m awesome I don’t need you cause I’m neato and I beat you Cause I’m awesome That’s right (2X) Rah rah rah rah rah rah rah! (3X) I don’t need you Cause I’m Awesome Uh huh


Our 4th Album! Originally released following a Kickstarter campaign and entirely fan-funded! Forever thanks to all the fans that made it happen!


released September 18, 2012

Written and Performed by Luis Cabezas & Kelly Ogden
Produced by John Fields at Studio Wishbone
MIxed by Paul David Hager & John Fields
Assisted by C. Todd Nielsen
Mastered by Brad Blackwood at Euphonic Masters


all rights reserved



The Dollyrots Los Angeles, California

The Dollyrots are a female-fronted rock n' roll band from California.


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